Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Browse The Web Browsers

This is a developing post. Ever since, Firefox is my browser. Sometimes, I would use Chrome to open my other online account, Yahoo! Mail, if my primary account is already opened with Firefox. I have also been using Firefox when developing PHP Web applications or working with WordPress CMS on localhost. I have never found any thing somewhat deviating from what I was expecting from Web pages. They all work fine; I mean Firefox renders them properly.

But, there was a time I opened my WordPress Website which I have been developing in Firefox on Chrome Web browser. Oh, Chrome rendered it other way. You know how Chrome rendered it? Please see my screenshots below. I also opened my site on Opera and Safari Web browsers to see if they have the same rendition with Firefox of Chrome.

Web browsers included:
Firefox 21.0
Chrome 28.0.1500.11
Safari 5.1.7

Opera 12.15

Oppps! I do not intend to declare that my Firefox is the best browser out of this comparison, however, to my satisfaction I would say Firefox really rocks.

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