Monday, June 24, 2013

Kingsoft 2013 - Another Office Suites Player

Open source community has been successfully for having alternative to Microsoft Office through OpenOffice and its fork version, LibreOffice.

But, don't you know that there is another office suites player around, not just in Windows but also in Linux system? Yes. It's Kingsoft Office.

To be honest, in my own view, this is very close to Microsoft both its look & theme and its functionalities. It has even more features similar to OO/LO, which I believe Kingsoft borrowed from OpenOffice/LibreOffice. However, unlike OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Kingsoft only includes three applications - Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentations. One good thing is that it has editions for Android and iOS. I must say that these applications by far are the closest compatible of Microsoft Offce documents for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.

Please take a while to view the following screenshots.

Friday, June 14, 2013

My Facebook Page on Firefox OS Simulator

Coming across with Firefox OS Simulator, I installed Firefox OS Simulator from the roster of Firefox add-ons. Just click Add to Firefox button on Firefox will install the Simulator without restarting Firefox browser.

After installation, dashboard will open on separate window. I tried running the simulator by clicking Stopped/Running button on the left of the window; it will open a small size-window, the simulator. I tried browsing my Facebook account by clicking browser button on the taskbar (globe icon); I entered in URL address and did login. That's it!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Browse The Web Browsers

This is a developing post. Ever since, Firefox is my browser. Sometimes, I would use Chrome to open my other online account, Yahoo! Mail, if my primary account is already opened with Firefox. I have also been using Firefox when developing PHP Web applications or working with WordPress CMS on localhost. I have never found any thing somewhat deviating from what I was expecting from Web pages. They all work fine; I mean Firefox renders them properly.

But, there was a time I opened my WordPress Website which I have been developing in Firefox on Chrome Web browser. Oh, Chrome rendered it other way. You know how Chrome rendered it? Please see my screenshots below. I also opened my site on Opera and Safari Web browsers to see if they have the same rendition with Firefox of Chrome.

Web browsers included:
Firefox 21.0
Chrome 28.0.1500.11
Safari 5.1.7

Opera 12.15

Oppps! I do not intend to declare that my Firefox is the best browser out of this comparison, however, to my satisfaction I would say Firefox really rocks.